Coffs Skydivers 跳伞公司

Leap out of a plane more than 4 km above the gorgeous mid North Coast of NSW with Coffs Skydivers. 您将以每小时超过 200 公里的速度自由落向考夫斯港 (Coffs Harbour) 海岸,在降落伞打开之前会持续大约 70 秒,让您体验惊心动魄的感觉。

然后飘回孤岛海洋公园 (Solitary Islands Marine Park) 的白沙海滩上,欣赏海浪拍打海岸的趣致。Coffs Skydivers also has the intense rush of low-altitude skydiving. 您将从距离海岸只有 1830 米的飞机上跳下。

You can combine your skydive with other adventures in the Coffs Harbour region. Open seven days a week, Coffs Skydivers has a packaged experience called the Aussie 6 Pack. 该行程专为背包客设计,包含跳伞和其他惊险刺激的活动。

You can go scuba diving, swim with dolphins, learn wilderness survival skills, enjoy stand-up paddleboarding, surfing and snorkelling, and watch majestic whales migrate along the coast.

From Sydney, the drive to Coffs Harbour along the Legendary Pacific Coast route is six hours. You can also travel by train or fly from Sydney. 澳洲航空 (Qantas) 和澳洲维珍航空 (Virgin Australia) 均提供飞往考夫斯港 (Coffs Harbour) 的航班。